Sonicator 740

Dual frequency ultrasound with 5cm² applicator.

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Instrument Assisted Ultrasound

ME740 ultrasound applicator; 5cm², 1 & 3 MHz, includes UIASTM tool and O-ring

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Tens 211 muscle stimTwo channel digital OTC TENS/EMS device

Two channel digital OTC TENS/EMS device for pain relief

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Sys*Stim 240 Information

neuromuscular stimulation

The Sys*Stim® 240 neuromuscular stimulator has nine discrete waveforms: Interferential (4 pole), Premodulated (2 pole), Medium Frequency (Russian), Biphasic, High Volt Pulsed Galvanic, Microcurrent, TENS-Asymmetrical Biphasic, TENS-Symmetrical Biphasic and Galvanic (Continuous DC) waveforms. In addition the clinician can set on/off times, up and down ramps, pulse width and frequency along with frequency modulation for some of the waveforms. The 240 offers both laser and infrared technology. Unlike most other units, the 240 has the light therapy software already built into the unit. All you need to do is purchase either the laser probe or the cluster probe for light therapy capabilities.

There are numerous anatomical and waveform specific protocols complete with electrode placement guidance. Once a protocol is selected, the Sys*Stim 240 will go to the treatment page, electrodes can be placed on the patient and the intensity control can be adjusted to begin the treatment. Clinicians may also store their own treatment protocols for later use.

An optional battery pack may be purchased so that therapy can be taken on the road. To make this even easier, a carrying bag made especially for the Sys*Stim 240 and its accessories is also available.

Weight: 4.5 lbs., 5.5 lbs. with battery (2.0 kg., 2.5 kg. with battery)
Dimensions: 13.0 in (L) x 8 in (W) x 8 in (H), (33 cm (L) x 20 cm (W) x 20 cm (H))
Warranty: 2 years

Spec Sheet

CE 0537 and ETL Mettler logo

Mettler Electronics Corp. is pleased to introduce the new Sys*Stim® 240 neuromuscular stimulator featuring nine discrete waveforms designed to facilitate clinical versatility. New touch-sensitive, patented M Wheel™, technology has been used to make starting a treatment quick and easy. The high-resolution color display allows the clinician to monitor all treatment parameters continuously.

Treatment protocols complete with electrode placement guidance allow you to quickly program treatment parameters for your patients. The Sys*Stim 240 can be teamed up with the Sonicator® 740 therapeutic ultrasound for combination therapy.

The clinician can add full-featured light therapy capabilities to the Sys*Stim 240 by purchasing either the cluster or laser applicator package. See the light therapy section of this website for more information about adding this feature.

Q: How portable is the 240?
A: Weighing only 4.5lbs the 240 is extremely portable. You can purchase an optional battery pack for the 240 (item #7401) which allows you to take your therapy on the road without the need of an outlet. A travel bag is also available (item #110).

Q: Does the 240 offer light therapy capabilities?
A: Yes. Unlike most other products, the 240 has the light therapy software already built into the unit. Other products make you purchase the capabilities as well as the applicators. All you need to do is purchase either the laser or cluster probe and you are ready to go.

Q: Can I plug the 240 into my Mettler ultrasound for combination therapy?
A: Yes. Your 240 comes with a pin to banana adapter that will allow you to run your stim through your Mettler ultrasound for combination therapy.

Q: Can I treat more than one patient at a time with the 240?
A: Yes. The 240 has up to 3 independent timers. You can treat up to 3 patients at the same time; two with electrical stimulation and one with the optional laser or cluster applicator.

Q: Can I use more than one waveform at a time?
A: Yes. You may use up to two different waveforms using separate timers.

Q: Do protocols come with the 240?
A: Both anatomical and waveform specific protocols are including in the device itself. Each protocol has an electrode placement suggestion, description of the protocol and treatment parameters. Once you select the proper protocol simply increase the intensity to start the treatment.

Q: What kind of electrodes will work best with the 240?
A: The higher the quality of the electrode, the better the treatment. We recommend using either the Mettler EZ Trodes or the Mettler V Trodes.

Mettler Electronics Corp.

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