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By Body Part

Head & Neck

Headache – tension | Facial pain | Whiplash | Cervical facet joint syndrome | Cervical radicular pain | Herniated cervical disc | Osteoarthritis | TMJ arthritis | Neck/shoulder pain


Acromioclavicular joint arthritis | Rotator cuff tendonitis | Bursitis | Rotator cuff syndromebr




Herniated lumbar disc causing radicular pain | Sciatica | Lumbar facet joint syndrome | Lumbar strain/sprain


Tennis elbow | Golfer’s elbow

Wrist & Hand

Carpal tunnel syndrome | Osteoarthritis | Rheumatoid arthritis | Wrist arthritis

Hip and Pelvic

Arthritis | Bursitis


Osteoarthritis | Ligament injuries | Meniscus injuries | Total knee replacement

Ankle & Foot

Achilles tendonitis | Ankle sprain/strain | Osteoarthritis | Plantar fasciitis

Mettler Electronics Corp.

Changing the quality of hot and cold therapy packs. TS gel uses a double wall construction that allows for stronger wear and tear.
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The most versatile two channel stim on the market. Rugged and easy to use.
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