Sonicator 740

Dual frequency ultrasound with 5cm² applicator.

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Instrument Assisted Ultrasound

ME740 ultrasound applicator; 5cm², 1 & 3 MHz, includes UIASTM tool and O-ring

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Tens 211 muscle stimTwo channel digital OTC TENS/EMS device

Two channel digital OTC TENS/EMS device for pain relief

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By Product Type

Therapeutic Ultrasound

In 1957 Mettler Electronics Corp. revolutionized the therapeutic ultrasound industry with the Sonicator®. Portable and lightweight, it was the first of its kind. Still today, 100,000 units later, the Sonicator is the standard in therapeutic ultrasound devices. All Sonicator devices feature detachable applicator cables, continuous and pulsed modes, built-in applicator cradles and a two-year limited warranty, one-year on applicators and cable.

Neuromuscular Stimulation

Since the first ME 200 muscle stimulator was introduced in 1976, The Sys*Stim® line of electrical neuromuscular stimulators has provided value. Each Sys*Stim stimulator is easy-to-use and has a variety of features that include a variety of popular waveforms, programmable output modes and portability.

Combination Therapy

Sonicator Plus combination therapy units combine ultrasound with electrical stimulation in one compact package. These units combine the quality and ease of use embodied by the Sonicator therapeutic ultrasound and Sys*Stim stimulator products. Multiple stimulation waveforms and dual frequency applicators for therapeutic ultrasound have been included in these units to increase their utility.

Shortwave Diathermy

Since 1972 Mettler Electronics has produced an affordable shortwave diathermy (SWD) unit that produces comforting deep heat in muscle tissues. Shortwave diathermy is used when the clinician needs to provide deep heat to a larger area than normally covered by ultrasound.

Light Therapy

A newly added product category for Mettler Electronics advances the fight against pain using a therapeutic infrared laser that directs pain–relieving light deep into tissues. Super luminous diodes are also available to treat larger areas with soothing infrared light. Both forms of light energy produce temporary increases in blood circulation, temporary relief of minor muscle and joint aches, pains and stiffness, relaxation of muscles and temporary relief of minor pain and stiffness associated with arthritis.


The Mettler Traction Decompression (MTD) system provides static and intermittent traction. It gently pulls the cervical spine or lumbar spine in opposite directions to draw the soft tissue around the cervical or lumbar joints and separate the distance between bone sections of the vertebra. This helps relieve peripheral radicular pain associated with: protruding discs, spinal root impingement, bulging discs, hypomobility, herniated discs, degenerative joint disease, degenerative disc disease, facet syndrome, posterior facet syndrome, compressions fracture, acute facet problems, radicular pain, discogenic pain and prolapsed discs.


G5 massage machines have been sold and used successfully for over 50 years. They provide very deep penetrating massage using frequencies from 15 to 55 CPS. G5 massage machines are the only massagers with Directional Stroking®, not vibration. They are reliable, durable and quiet. Using G5 massage machines over a hot pack or cold pack seems to drive in the heat or cold. They can be equally-effective when used over toweling or clothing, and won’t tangle in hair.

Ultrasonic Cleaners

Cavitator Ultrasonic Cleaners come in five sizes, designed to fit your cleaning needs. These cleaners generate ultrasonic waves that create millions of tiny bubbles through the process of cavitation. The bubbles gently clean and polish any surface they come in contact with, penetrating every nook and cranny to dislodge trapped dirt and debris. Medical instruments, glassware, even jewelry are quickly restored to their original lustrous finish without expending any effort. The gentle cleaning action is ideal for delicate items, too.


EZ Trode® Self-Adhesive Electrodes
EZ Trode self-adhesive electrodes provide superior conductivity and longevity. They have soft rubber connectors and come in foil-lined resealable bags that preserve freshness while being easy to open and close. EZ Trodes come in four convenient sizes.

V Trode™ Self-Adhesive Electrodes
V Trode self-adhesive neurostimulation electrodes feature soft rubber lead wire attachments that make it easy to attach them to the electrode lead wires. A long lasting gel provides strong adhesion to the skin. V Trodes come in four convenient sizes.

Treatment Carts & Travel Bags

Mobilize your therapy in the clinic using a variety of wheeled cart options or take therapy to your patient using travel bags designed specifically for your unit and its accessories.

Topical Analgesics

Polar Frost Cold Gel is specially formulated to provide soothing relief for soft tissue injuries, stress injuries, muscle tension, inflammation and stiffness. Aloe Vera has an anti-inflammatory effect and it keeps the skin smooth and moist throughout treatment. Polar Frost is available in a variety of sizes that includes a roll-on bottle for fingers-free application. Massage a thin layer of Polar Frost Cold Gel into the painful area. Repeat application every three hours for 3-5 days, as needed. This gel absorbs fast and works quickly.

Hot & Cold Therapy

Choose from a wide variety of ThermalSoft® hot and cold packs. From Professional packs designed for moist heat therapy to Gel packs that can be heated in a microwave or chilled in the freezer. ThermalSoft Durapaks are 100% leakproof and can be sent home with the patient to continue hot or cold therapy treatments.

Ultrasound Gels & Lotion

Now you can get Sonigel as a clear, colorless, nearly bubble-free gel or as a soothing lotion with Aloe Vera. All Sonigel products are alcohol and salt free as well as non-corrosive. The gel is convenient for either therapeutic or diagnostic ultrasound procedures. The lotion is greaseless and can also be used for massage therapy.

Ultrasound Accessories

Look here to find ultrasound applicators to replace ones that have become damaged or to add new applicators to increase your Sonicator’s range of therapies. This is also where you can see our universal applicator cables.

Stimulator Accessories

Electrode cables, adaptors and bifurcation cables for all of Mettler’s stimulators and Combination therapy devices can be found here. Add a pencil electrode or a high voltage probe to allow you to find trigger points or manually control stimulation. Sponge electrodes and straps to secure these electrodes can be found here as well.

Diathermy Accessories

Expand the range of treatments that you can do with your Auto*Therm 395 by browsing all of the different drum and capacitive plate style electrodes. Get electrode covers and spacers to replace those worn or dirty with continuous use. Cables and other replacement items can be found here as well.

Massage Accessories

Enhance your G5 treatments with a wide array of applicators and disposable covers. Each G5 unit will accept any one of our universal applicators. Choose from small applicators for trigger point therapy or larger contour applicators for your large muscle groups. Each applicator is designed for a specific purpose. Choose from any of our 28 unique applicators to better fit your patients needs. G5 has designed disposable covers for your sanitation needs. Simply use on a patient and dispose of the cover. We offer 3 sizes, small, medium and large. These covers are a great way to prevent cross contamination between patients.

This hand-held massager provides 15 to 55 CPS. It is ergonomically designed to reduce hand vibration. This allows you to do multiple treatments in the same day without fatigue.
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The most versatile two channel stim on the market. Rugged and easy to use.
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