Muscle StimulationThe latest in muscle stimulation

Mettler Electronics’ newest neuromuscular stimulator the Sys*Stim® 240. Read more…

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Ultrasonic Cleaners

Cavitator Ultrasonic Cleaners come in four sizes, designed to fit Read more…

Tens 211 muscle stimTwo channel digital OTC TENS/EMS device

Two channel digital OTC TENS/EMS device for pain relief Read more…


Sys*Stim® 240 Laser Applicator Kit (2405)

You can add full-featured laser therapy capabilities to the Sys*Stim 240 by purchasing the laser applicator package.

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Sys*Stim 240

The Sys*Stim 240 is Mettler’s most advanced two channel stimulator with light therapy featuring the M Wheel™ touch panel which simplifies parameter entry and operation. The full color display shows all treatment parameters and guides the clinician using interactive displays and protocols.

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Sys*Stim 228

The Sys*Stim 228 is provides the flexibility to meet virtually any clinical need and has unprecedented ease of operation.

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Sonicator 718

Mettler Therapeutic UltrasoundRevolutionary New Hand-Held Ultrasound Mettler Electronics’ newest therapeutic ultrasound is the Sonicator® 718.

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Sonicator Plus 920

The microprocessor-controlled Sonicator Plus 920 is a two channel combination unit. It combines 1 and 3 MHz ultrasound with eight treatment waveforms: Interferential, Premodulated, Medium Frequency (Russian), EMS, High Volt, TENS, Microcurrent and Direct Current (DC).

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G5® Plus

The G5 Plus is the newest massager in a long line of clinical models. It features modern design with a digital display that shows speed and time. Speed is adjustable from 15 to 60 cycles per second (CPS).

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Polar Frost, Tube

The 5 oz. Tube is our most popular item. Polar Frost Cold Gel is specially formulated to provide soothing relief for soft tissue injuries, stress injuries, muscle tension, inflammation and stiffness.

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This hand-held massager provides 15 to 55 CPS. It is ergonomically designed to reduce hand vibration. This allows you to do multiple treatments in the same day without fatigue.

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Polar Frost, Roll-On

The 2.5 oz. roll-on container is for convenient use. With the roll-on, the gel can be massaged into the skin easily, without using your hands.

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G5® GK3®

The G5 GK3 has high quality design for heavy and frequent use. It is a versatile apparatus and it is easy to start a treatment. The G5 GK3 is a quiet, powerful Directional Stroking percussion apparatus designed specifically as an adjunct for massage.

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Mettler Electronics Corp.

Changing the quality of hot and cold therapy packs. TS gel uses a double wall construction that allows for stronger wear and tear.
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The Sys*Stim® 228 neuromuscular stimulator has four discrete waveforms: Interferential, Premodulated, Medium Frequency (Russian) and Biphasic waveforms.
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