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Sonicator 740

The Sonicator 740 is 1 and 3 MHz therapeutic ultrasound unit that comes standard with a 5cm2 dual frequency applicator. It is light-weight and portable and features a universal applicator cable to make changing applicators quick and easy. There is an optional rechargeable lithium ion battery pack that truly allows you to take therapy on the road with you. Large soft-touch controls let you set-up treatments quickly and easily and the backlit display shows all treatment parameters and conditions.

Weight: 3.75 pounds (1.7 kg.) without battery, 4.5 pounds (2.0 kg.) with battery
Dimensions: 13.5 in (L) x 9.5 in (W) x 7 in (H), 34 cm (L) x 24 cm (W) x 18 cm (H)
Warranty: 2 years, 1 year on applicators

Spec Sheet

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All Mettler ultrasound devices offer two patented technologies. Direct Crystal-to-Patient contact and our Universal Applicator Cable. All Sonicator® ultrasound applicators feature unique crystal-to-patient technology that delivers ultrasound directly to the patient without a metal interface as well as watertight characteristics for underwater therapy. Our unique Universal applicator cable is the only truly detachable cable on the market. It detaches from both ends of the cable allowing the clinician to change applicators quick and easily. Both of these patented features cut down on service time as well extending the overall life span of the device.

Weight: 3.75 pounds (1.7 kg.) without battery, 4.5 pounds (2.0 kg.) with battery
Dimensions: 13.5 in (L) x 9.5 in (W) x 7 in (H), 34 cm (L) x 24 cm (W) x 18 cm (H)
Warranty: 2 years, 1 year on applicators

Spec Sheet

Q: What is the difference between the 740 and the 740x?
A: The 740 and the 740x are the same unit but the 740 comes standard with a 5cm2 applicator. The 740x comes standard with 3 applicators. A 1cm2 / 3 MHz, 5cm2 1/3 MHz and a 10cm2 / 1 MHz applicator.

Q: What is the advantage of the direct crystal-to-patient applicator?
A: Not having a metal interface or any other barrier between the crystal and the patient allows for better penetration. Due to the feature, the 740 does not have to work as hard as other products that use a metal interface.

Q: Is the 740 light enough to carry for home therapy?
A: Yes! The 740 weighs only 3.75 pounds.

Q: What stimulation device would you recommend that works well with the 740?
A: Although all of the Mettler stim units will work with the 740, the Sys*Stim 226 is the preferred unit.

Q: Can I only use a Mettler stimulation device to do combination therapy?
A: The Mettler units are designed to work together. However, you can use any muscle stimulation device that you have. You simply need to find the correct adapter.

Q: What if there is a problem with my unit? Is the 740 easily repaired?
A: Yes. Most often we can troubleshoot your unit over the phone and find the best solution. Rarely will your unit have to come back to Mettler for service.

Q: If I purchase the 740 can I add the extra applicators at a later date?
A: Absolutely! All 740 applicators are designed to be interchanged.

Q: Can I use an older applicator from a 715/716/730 with my 740?
A: No, the 740 will not accept any other applicators except those that are made for the 740.

Q: Can I take and use my 740 in another country?
A: Yes, the 740 will work in any country. You need to get an adapter for that country.

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