Sonicator 740

Dual frequency ultrasound with 5cm² applicator.

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Instrument Assisted Ultrasound

ME740 ultrasound applicator; 5cm², 1 & 3 MHz, includes UIASTM tool and O-ring

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Tens 211 muscle stimTwo channel digital OTC TENS/EMS device

Two channel digital OTC TENS/EMS device for pain relief

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Mettler Electronics is proud to introduce THE latest addition to our tens family of products.



  • Drugless Temporary Pain Relief
  • Muscle Stimulation to help improve muscle performance

The TENS*STIM 211 is an OTC* TENS and EMS device. The 211 is a two channel battery operated unit that offers both TENS and EMS for home use.

No prescription required! The 211 offers 8 preset programs for TENS and 6 preset programs for EMS making it safe and effective for home use.

With a retail value of $89.95 the 211 is a perfect fit for anyone suffering from acute or chronic pain. The 211 also provides muscle stimulation to help improve or maintain muscle performance.

Contact your local Mettler representative today to get more information on the TENS*STIM 211.

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Mettler Electronics Corp.

Changing the quality of hot and cold therapy packs. TS gel uses a double wall construction that allows for stronger wear and tear.
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The Sys*Stim® 228 neuromuscular stimulator has four discrete waveforms: Interferential, Premodulated, Medium Frequency (Russian) and Biphasic waveforms.
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